LA County's major planning law amendment (LCPA) will be heard by the California Coastal Commission on Thursday, November 3 in Oceanside (agenda).

Let's tell the Commission to SAY NO to LA County's plans and YES to a community-based plan that increases recreational opportunities and minimizes impacts on local communities and the environment. Take Action!

We are alarmed by LA County's plans to redevelop the Marina away from its lower-density residential/ recreational destination into a high-density, high-traffic, high-end shopping and living haven.

LA County's pending amendment to the Marina's planning and zoning laws (LCP Amendment) will have major negative impacts on our community of residents, recreational users, tourists, local businesses and native birdlife.

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LA County Redevelopment Plans - Next 2-5 Years


save mothers beach

Members of the public CAN change the course of development in the Marina. We ARE Marina del Rey along with the Coalition to Save the Marina and the Outrigger/Rowing clubs have done it.

To achieve more, we need a united and activated community to oppose LA County's amendment to the Marina planning/development laws.

Many of you may think this is a done deal so why bother. However, most of these projects are not "done deals" and can be stopped. But not without your support TODAY (see next column).

STOPPED - Two 5-story hotels on Mother's Beach public parking lot and picnic tables

STOPPED - 19-story Woodfin Hotel and Timeshare Suites on the wetland Parcel 9U at Tahiti and Via Marina

ALTERED - Czucker project at Palawan and Admiralty (Organic Panificio and boater parking lot site)now on hold and placed in the visioning process (see below), boater parking lot saved.

ALTERED - Complete tear down projects changed to renovations of existing buildings with no new units at Villa Venetia, Bay Club and Tahiti Marina apartments

STOPPED - piecemealing of projects and project impacts on our community

GAINED - a community-based visioning process for future Marina leased-parcels expiring in the 2020s. A great opportunity for the community to get involved.

Stay informed. Get info on upcoming meetings, events and the lastest news


Help shape the future of THE Marina. We're looking for volunteers to help inform, organize and activate the boating community, the business community, and the local/surrounding residential communities. BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION.

Please email David and Nancy at info@wearemdr.com for more information on how you can help Save the Marina.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Funds are needed to retain traffic, legal and biological experts to counter LA County studies that support their changes to the Marina planning and development laws. Find out more...